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Reservation Fee & Payment




A $500 Non-Refundable reservation fee is required to be placed on the waiting list after we receive your application and make contact. The reservation fee goes towards reviewing your application and matching your family with the appropriate litter. We apply your reservation fee towards the cost of your puppy.

All of our puppies are $3200 plus tax.


The final payment is due when the puppies are six weeks old. All payments must clear our bank, prior to the puppy leaving our home.


There will be an additional daily fee of $65 for puppies that stay beyond 8 weeks. This is to pay for our time, boarding, care and feeding of the puppy.


You must have your puppy spayed or neutered by 1 year of age and send proof of microchip and spay and neuter to me. This is strictly enforced. Please review our sales contract before committing.



How do I get an Elite Blend puppy? 

Take a look at our current and upcoming litters pages and see if one of our litters is a good fit for what you're looking for. Next, fill out the application at the top of this page and tell us about your household and what your ideal pup looks like. Be sure to look at our FAQs page to make sure you agree with our policies.


Once we receive your email application, we will send an email reply confirming your reservation, we will include instructions on how to place your $500 non-refundable puppy reservation fee.  Reservation fees can be placed via Cashier check, certified check or money order in the amount of $500. You can also pay by using Zelle using our email or the PayPal. If you use PayPal, an additional service charge of 3 1/2% will be added to your reservation fee. If you choose to pay via PayPal, we will send you a PayPal link requesting payment. Once your application has been approved and your reservation fee received, this reservation fee will be used to hold your spot for a puppy and we will match you to an appropriate litter for your family. *Please note, reservation fees do expire 2 years after we reach your name and begin sending you litter options.


Once you have decided on the best litter and the pups are born, we will send you the birth announcement, which includes the gender, color(s), puppy count, litter timeline AND the client puppy selection order. You have 2 days to decide if it looks like you will get what you want based on your place in the selection order and the gender/color count of the litter. If your preferred puppy does not seem likely or is not available, you will have the option to move your puppy reservation fee to another litter for these two days only.  Puppy selections do not occur until 6-7 weeks of age. We do not allow clients to wait and see what pups are available at puppy selection and change litters then.  If you have a specific color and gender requirement, you will need to wait until you are near the top of the selection order. On the other hand, folks on the second half of the reservation list generally need to be open to either gender and all potential litter colors. *Elite Blend always reserves the first two spots on every litter - although many times we do decide to pass.

The remaining balance, calculated as follows is due when the puppies are 6 weeks of age: $3200 cost of puppy + $230 tax = $3430 - $500 reservation fee = $2930 remaining balance.


At Elite Blend we feed all of our dogs and puppies Life's Abundance. There are many high quality dog foods available, but Life's Abundance is a stand out product. We like that our most picky eaters love it and our dogs have shinny, healthy, coats -- less ear and eye infections, and produce less waste. This food is shipped fresh -- within two weeks of being made and is one of the only premium dogs foods out there to have never been recalled. If you choose to keep your puppy on this superior food, click the Life's Abundance logo above to order it directly to your home. If you prefer to feed a premium dog food, that is fine too. Just let me know, so I can send you home with enough Life's Abundance to make a gentle transition to your food of choice.


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