Want a puppy without the hassle of a puppy? Well one of our started dogs could be the answer for you. Our started dogs come crate trained and with basic obedience skills. With a started dog you can have an enjoyable experience right from the start - no accidents in the house, no jumping up on people or stealing food off the counters.


We also offer a puppy training program gives your puppy a head start in life. During this 8 week program puppies are taught the basic obedience skills necessary to be a wonderful K-9 companion. Training consists of teaching Here, Heel, Sit, Down, Stay, and Kennel, as well as crate training and basic manners. The puppies will complete their DA2PPV vaccinations series during their training so they are able to get out and see the world as soon as you bring them home. The cost of the vaccinations are included in the program. We typically start this program with puppies 8 weeks of age. Your Labradoodle Puppy will be trained until 16 weeks of age before moving to their forever home. The cost of this program is $275 per week.


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