Welcome to Elite Blend Labradoodles.  Labradoodles are a family affair here at Elite Blend.  My husband Steven and I live with our two young boys near Sacramento, California on almost an acre of land.  We pride ourselves on our selective breeding practices and are committed to furthering the quality and use of the American and Australian Labradoodle.  Elite Blend specializes in producing Labradoodle puppies with calm, loving, and easy to train personalities - but also have enough stamina for fetch, jogging, and swimming. We are not a kennel based facility and only have two dogs that live here with us as personal pets.  All of our breeding dogs live in approved Guardian Homes.  It is important to us that all of our breeding dogs enjoy the love that comes with a regular family life.

We make sure all of the dogs in our program have the appropriate health clearances. Taking the extra steps to breed healthy happy puppies and to reduce potential health problems is our number one priority. These carefully thought out pairings result in a low to no shed Labradoodle that is smart, eager to please, easy to train, gentle and athletic. We like to say this hybrid results in an Elite Blend of a dog.


Please keep in mind, our puppies are hugged, loved and spoiled from birth. We are looking for forever homes and reserve the right to refuse any adoption we believe is not in the best interest of the pup.

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